Howard Richards

Howard Richards
Grado académico
  • Dr. and Research Professor of Philosophy.

Dr. Howard Richards holds the title Research Professor of Philosophy at Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, USA, a Quaker school where he taught for thirty-five years. He was the founder of the Peace and Global Studies Program there and co-founder of the Business and Nonprofit Management program. Now he divides his time between the private practice of law and continuing his research and teaching. As a practising lawyer he is general counsel for two non-profit corporations. As a scholar he has recently published Understanding the Global Economy (Peace Education Books, 2004). Another book, co-authored with Joanna Swanger Dilemmas of Social Democracies (Lexington Books) came out in 2006.

He has worked for the Organisation of American States, Canada's International Development Research Centre, and others as an evaluator of innovative projects and programs, and is currently working on an evaluation of, among other things, alternative economic institutions (economia solidaria) in today's Argentina, on which he will make a progress report to a seminar convened by the United Nations Development Program, UNDP, in Rosario, Argentina, at the end of March. He is co-convenor of the Global Political Economy Commission of the International Peace Research Association.
Howard Richards got an advanced certificate in education from Oxford in the field of educational psychology with an honors thesis on Piaget. The second field for his doctorate in education from Toronto was applied psychology and moral education. He furthermore did the moral education summer school at Harvard with Lawrence Kohlberg and Carol Gilligan.
Please see:

  • On the Genealogy of Morals, Chapter Nine of Authorities, forthcoming.
  • This is an English translation of Chapter Seven "Socialism is Good for Business" of Solidaridad, Participacion, Transparencia, Rosario, Argentina: Fundacion Estevez Boero, 2007. This book has not yet been published in English. The full Spanish text can be found on line at
  • Human Rights and the End of the Age of Keynes, 2008, available also at
  • Human Development and the Transformation of the Academy, in Journal of Developing Societies, 27 (2, June 2011), pp. 201-206.
  • Zero Unemployment in a Plural Economy, powerpoint presentation, together with Joanna Swanger and Alicia Cabezudo, South Africa, 2011.
  • Muddle and Create, keynote talk for the annual retreat of the South African Research Chair in Development Education, at the University of South Africa, Pretoria, November 2011.
  • The Nurturing of Time Future, Lake Oswego, OR: Dignity Press
  • Charla harla para Universidad de Valparaíso, Howard Richards' talk, Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile, 10th April 2012, as Pdf file and as video.
  • The Theory of Growth Points, a video dialogue between Howard Richards and Evelin Lindner created on 23rd April 2012 in Limache, Chile. In this video, Howard Richards offers the Theory of Growth Points as a methodology for creating a viable world. The video was recorded by William Thompson.

See a summary of this video titled, The Theory of Growth Points, compiled by Evelin Lindner.
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  •  the article "Culture Change" that Howard Richards wrote together with Joanna Swanger in 2008
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